Special Grants

Guests and students from Solomon Islands at the lunch.


The Australia Youth Trust provided a grant for 25 water tanks to be installed in the Aisalinga Village in the Solomon Islands.


During the lunch the offer was opened to guests to donate for more water tanks resulting in at least another 20 tanks for the village.


Any further inquiries or donations can be made by contacting us at commonwealthday@gmail.com

The Australia Youth Trust awards special grants to organisations that meet the aims of the Trust and are deemed acceptable by the Australia Youth Trust Board.


Recognition of notable projects awarded by the Trust have included:


  • Vanuatu Paralymic Committee providing the opportunity for young athletes with a disability to participate in the commonwealth Games in Queensland, Australia
  • Tuvalu Education Department
  • Rotary Pacific Water for Life Foundation, Fiji
  • 'Club Foot Project', Melanesia and Polynesia
  • 'Operation Bahati', Kenya
  • Oro Community Development Project Inc, Papua New Guinea
  • Rainwater Tank project for North Vella, Solomon Islands
  • 'Shine for Kids' mentoring program, Australia
  • Commonwealth Countries league Education Fund (CCLEF) for the education of girls, Papua New Guinea
  • 'One Laptop per Child', Samoa
  • Meditech Outreach, medical training/mentoring program, Solomon Islands
  • Commonwealth Youth Program South Pacific Centre
  • Solomon Islands Australia Foundation
  • Sir David Martin Foundation, Australia


If you consider your organisation meets the objectives of the Trust and would be interested in applying for a special grant then contact us at commonwealthday@gmail.com