Commonwealth Day lunch in March at NSW Parliament House
Commonwealth Day lunch in March at NSW Parliament House

The Commonwealth Day Council of NSW celebrates Commonwealth Day which is held on the second Monday in March each year.


Guest speaker left, Margy Osmond delights the audience with her enthralling insights into the future.




Commonwealth Day is an opportunity to promote understanding on global issues, international co-operation and the work of the Commonwealth’s organisations, which aim to improve the lives of its citizens.


Some other activities held by the Commonwealth Day Council include:


  • Business functions with special guest speakers
  • Forums for learning, discussion and participation in the affairs of the Commonwealth and its networks - Friends of the Commonwealth
  • Exhibitions, displays and other promotional opportunities to promote the Commonwealth of Nations.



The Commonwealth Day Council is keen to work with organisations and partners to hold special functions that assist the aims and objectives of the Council and the Australia Youth Trust.


Some Highlights from the Commonwealth Day Luncheon.