Doing Business with us

As a not for profit organisation, the Commonwealth Day Council welcomes the opportunity and support from organisations and associations who are passionate about assisting the youth in Australia.


Each year, a theme is established by the Commonwealth of Nations, which sets the focus and direction of activities.


Past themes:

  • The Environment Our Future (2008)
  • The Commonwealth @ 60 - Serving a New Generation (2009)
  • Science, Technology and Society (2010)
  • Women Agents of Change (2011)
  • Connecting Cultures (2012)
  • Opportunity Through Enterprise (2013)
  • Team Commonwealth (2014)
  • A Young Commonwealth (2015)
  • An Inclusive Commonwealth (2016)
  • A Peace-building Commonwealth (2017)
  • A Common Future (2018)

  • A Connected Commonwealth (2019)
  • Delivering a Common Future: Connecting, Innovation, Transforming (2020,2021 and 2022)
  • Forging a sustainable peaceful common future (2023)
  • Our Resilient Common Future:Transforming our Common Wealth (2024)

Some activities held by the Commonwealth Day Council include:


  • Lunch in NSW Parliament House on Commonwealth Day
  • Business functions held throughout the year with special guest speakers
  • Forums for learning, discussion and participation in the affairs of the Commonwealth and its networks (Friends of the Commonwealth)
  • Exhibitions, displays and other promotional opportunities to promote the Commonwealth of Nations.


The Commonwealth Day Council is keen to hold special functions that assist our partners leverage their commitment.