Friends of the Commonwealth

Friends of the Commonwealth (Friends) is a group of ordinary people unified by a desire to build a fair, pro-active Commonwealth community.

The aim is to develop by a variety of means a wider appreciation of the Commonwealth; to increase awareness of the vast opportunities it offers to its citizens so they are understood and utilised.  


Their aim is to encourage a Commonwealth-wide network of Friends to share more, learn more and achieve more and to build support so that more people can benefit with a better quality of life.  


Friends aim to provide the knowledge, skills and opportunity for disadvantaged people around the Commonwealth to help themselves.

Friends support and encourage young people to participate in community projects that strengthen livelihoods and give people a voice in determining their own future.

The Commonwealth Day Council welcomes the involvement of everyone who has an interest in the work and achievements of the Commonwealth, a vast pool of talent and knowledge, linked by a common language and some history.

As the Australian Partner of 'Friends', the Commonwealth Day Council is working to link with individuals and organisations to network and exchange ideas; support community-led projects and encouraging Commonwealth people to share information and resources beyond boundaries.


Together we aim to develop a wider appreciation for the Commonwealth; where its citizens are able to enjoy, understand and utilise the opportunities provided by the Commonwealth.
the Friends within Australia.

The official launch of ‘Friends of the Commonwealth Country Chapter, Australia’ was held at a reception in Sydney with Her Excellency and the former Secretary-General of the Commonwealth, Mr Kamalesh Sharma and members of the Council and Australia Youth Trust.

'Friends of the Commonwealth' at the launch in Government House
'Friends of the Commonwealth' at the launch in Government House