Beaded Links Exhibition

This special exhibition held to celebrate Her Majesty’s Diamond Jubilee has now closed.


Every country in the 54 Commonwealth of Nations has a common heritage in the use of beads, their production and trade forming a binding link between many.


Over 500 items were on show, covering such countries as Papua New Guinea, India, Canada, Gambia, Britain, Pacific Islands, Nigeria, South Africa and Sierra Leone to name a few – items that have not been seen by the public before.


The exhibition showcased of the diversity and vibrancy of beading sourced from throughout the Commonwealth, reflecting the spiritual, cultural, political, environmental and economic life of Commonwealth regions hand selected by the curator Jumoke Debayo.


A catalogue is available with a selection of the fascinating works that were on display.


Click here 'Beaded Links Order Form' if you are interesetd in purchasing the catalogue.


Click below to see the photos from the Official Opening on Friday 7 December.


Beaded Links Exhibition O ...

Proudly supported by the Commonwealth Day Council of NSW; Jumoke Gallery, Bondi; and Australian Association for the Promotion of International Arts and Culture (AAPIAC ).